Thursday, September 27, 2012

I wanna be a carney man

If you have never heard the song, "Carney Man" by Cross Canadian Ragweed, minimize this screen, go to youtube, find it and listen to it 5 times as you laugh your ass off.  Back in the day this was one of my favorite songs (don't judge me, I'm easily amused). 

The inspriation behind that song this morning is that last night I took my boys to our County Fair to ride the rides and to see one of my students participate in the "Little Miss Pageant".  I was dreading going for a few reasons.  For one, it is expensive.  I dropped a 100 dolla bill last night on admission, rides, and food for the three of us.  Redonk.  Two, I knew I would see people from my past (some pleasant to see, others...not so much) and feel obligated to speak to them.  And third, my allergies have been bitchin' lately and I knew being outside amidst the dust, grass, farm animals, and carney people was not going to ease them up one bit.

I ended up having a really good time, which is weird.  There weren't a lot of people there, which meant very few awkard, "Hey, how are you? Good.  We should get together sometime (not).  See ya around." type conversations.  It also meant there were no lines for the rides and the boys could go on as many rides as they wanted, as many times as they wanted, making mama happy I was getting my money's worth out of that damn wristband (seriously, I could have bought two new pairs of yellowbox flipflops for what I paid for those bands!!).

K&K are pretty tall for their age, and luckily they met the height requirements for the majority of the rides they wanted to get on.  Except the Sizzler.  That was the one thing they begged all night to ride, but weren't tall enough.  I had no intention of riding any rides, I am not a 13 year old girl anymore.  But, they had been so good and I didn't want to deprive them, so I shelled out some more bucks for tickets for myself, and we went up to Mr. Pleasant manning the ride.  As soon as I was locked into the oh so familiar seat, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia.  I can't tell you how many times I rode that ride when I was little.  It was one of my absolute favorites and I remember so many fun times riding that ride; first with my dad because I was too little to ride alone, then with my friends because I was so cool, and later on with whatever boy I was crushing on that year at the fair (probably Tye D. if we're being real here).  And now, I was riding with MY children, making new memories.  It was like a "I've come full circle" kind of moment.  I know I'm not "old", but it is definitely weird to think back to all of my fair memories as a little girl, and to now be sharing those same memories with my little boys.  Funny how that works. 

Anyyway, after I had my ribs compressed inside my body from the Sizzler (I had forgotten how squished you get when you sit on the outside of the seat--my boys thought it hilarious that they were crushing me as I screamed), we headed over to the Tilt 'A' Whirl (my other favorite ride).  The boys had been on it once before without me, but I wasn't about to let them have all the fun.  We got situated in our seat, snapped a few pics, and the ride started.  I have a lot of great memories with K&K, but the moment when we hit the part in the ride when you spin backwards full force (and your stomach goes back with you and you can't help but laugh hysterically), sharing that moment with them as we all three did the exact same thing, will probably be one of my favorites for a long time to come.  I don't do a lot of things right as a mom, and I know that.  But it's moments like that that make me forget my mistakes and feel good about how far we have come, and how excited I am about our future.

Ughh that just got sappy, how the eff did that happen?  Anyway, last night was fun, but I'm glad it's over, and glad I don't have to shell out that kind of money in one night again for another year.  At least not where carney men are involved.  Speaking of carney men, I think last night's carnival was put on by the mexican mafia.  No really.  Over half of them had on awesome aviator glasses and were sporting mohawks.  They were the coolest carney men I had ever seen that's for sure.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself!

Mama wouldn't lie!

"Need a corndog?  I can tell!  I'm a carney man!"

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