Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey I Just Met You...And This Is Crazy...

(Have fun singing that song the rest of the day...muahahaha!!)

It's Monday folks.  And once again I am finding myself asking, "Where the hell did the weekend go??"  I will never understand why the week drags on minute by minute, but the weekend flies by in the blink of an eye (except for the obvious fact that the week has five days and the weekend only has two).  Regardless of the speed of it, it was a pretty good weekend. 

Friday night we ate some boiled crawfish at a friend's house and now all I can think about is when I'm gonna get some more tail and suck some more head.  Saturday morning I got up at the butt crack of dawn and took the boys to their Little Dribblers basketball camp.  They are getting better, even though they have to miss every other weekend when they are gone to their dad's.  I also got them signed them up for baseball.  Gotta love Spring time and going broke because of sports!  My dad picked the boys up Saturday after lunch and they got to visit "Mama's School" aka Texas A&M University.  They went with their Papa and Gram to the MSC Opas and saw the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater.  From what I have heard they LOVED it and can't wait to go back to A&M!

The cutest future Aggies!

There may or may not have been a nugging after I picked them up Sunday...

Friday was Christopher's birthday, and Saturday once the kiddos were gone, we went to our favorite restaurant in College Station to celebrate.  The food was scrumptious as per ushe.  The night in general was awesome.  But I did something at dinner that I have NEVER done.  I nearly had a panic attack when I did it.  I, Miss I Hate Confrontation, sent my drink back.  That's right, I did.  I always order the Raspberry Mint Mojito and it is ALWAYS so so so good.  But this time, it was like carbonated water with a few mint leaves and raspberry pieces floating around.  I tried to get past it, but after several sips, I couldn't do it.  I debated multiple times about saying anything, but then C pointed out that if I'm paying $11 for a drink, it should probably be to my liking. 

So, I had my mini inner meltdown, and the next time our waiter came by, I did it.  I thought I was very polite about it, and he immediately apologized.  Then another suited up guy (that we call Derrick because he reminds us of Derrick from Step Brothers and he takes his job VERY seriously) came and apologized, told me they had a new bartender that wasn't "popping" (yes he actually said that) and that they would fix it immediately.  The waiter brought me a new drink, that he himself made, and it was perfect; and no one seemed pissed at me for sending it back, crisis averted.  Yesterday was laid back, and while most of you were partying it up during the Super Bowl, I was just relaxing. I didn't even stay awake for the whole thing.  Party Animal is my middle name.  So that was my weekend!

I'm trying to do better "fixing" my hair...maybe someday.

I devoured his birthday strawberry in 9.7 seconds flat.
Don't worry, I let him have the other one.

I love this Monkey light.  Everytime we go there I want to jack it.  Shh...

Now here's a random little tidbit for you.  Has nothing to do with my boring weekend recap.  This past summer my boys and I started doing some "Random Acts of Kindness" and they absolutely loved it.  Not only did we make others feel better, but we felt better ourselves.  Our acts were mostly directed at strangers, but I think it would be just as wonderful with our friends and family.  I don't know about you, but as much as I enjoy receiving e-mails and text messages, I absolutely love (and miss) the novelty of receiving an actual CARD or LETTER in the mail, yeah we still have post offices people!  I love Christmas for many reasons, but one is because I get excited to check my mailbox during Christmas because we get Christmas cards!  Don't judge me.  I figure if I enjoy getting stuff in the mail, there must be a few others out there who do too.  So, I would like to be able to send random cards/notes/gifts/etc to the people that mean so much to me! 

Pinned Image

If you are interested in sharing your mailing address with me, please shoot me an e-mail at
thataggiegirl09(at)yahoo(dot)com.  You can send it to my gmail as well, but I check yahoo more regularly.  (For those of you that are probably all like this biatch is cray cray I'm not sharing that info, that's ok, you won't hurt my feelings. I am pretty cray.)  I'm not saying I'm going to send you a card everyday or an envelope full of money I'm a poor teacher folks but I'd like to be able to drop something in the mailbox to yall every now and then just to say hey...keep your head up...congrats...happy birthday (speaking of that, include when your birthday is, duh)...or whatever the occasion may be.  If you don't wanna, you don't gotta!  And even if you're a friend that lives nearby, I would still love your address :)  Get busy e-mailing me gals so I can use all of my pretty cards and stationary like a 12 year old girl!!

Alright, I'm out!


  1. heyyyy!!!! i am so in! send me yours too :-)

  2. I am in and I know my son would love to do it too if your boys want to! I will email you :)

  3. Great idea! I just started making cards bc they're so fun to send to people! You look absolutely beautiful in your pic too :)

  4. I think thats a great idea. I'll send you mine if you send me yours.. lol... I love your hair.. Give me like a day to email you...I'm drowning in school work these next few days!

  5. Your hair looks great! Such a rich color. And I totally agree with Chris... if you're paying $11 for a drink, it better rock your lady bumps. :)