Thursday, September 13, 2012


Two posts in one day?  Madness, I know.  Truth is, I've had this post in a "draft" for a while, but kept forgetting about it!  And I also didn't finish the project it's about until um, earlier this morning.  It's totally random, but I don't care.

I saw multiple pictures via pinterest this summer where people had used rain gutters as book shelves in their children's bedrooms.  As a teacher, I obviously have tons of books.  And I hated the big bulky ugly bookshelf that I had at the time, so it was time for a new project!  Of course I forgot about it for a while because it was summer and I wasn't in my classroom, but I finally got to it before school started.

I went to Home Depot and searched for the "gutter aisle", it really should be labelled that simply.  I found it and, who knew there were so many freaking types of gutters??  I had no service on my phone so I couldn't go to my trusty Pinterest app and find the pin with the shelves, which really pissed me off.  So I stood there, looking like a dumbass, until cutie in an orange vest finally came to my rescue.  I explained, in my teacher voice, what I planned to do with the gutter.  Cutie was also a dummy, and told me that my plan "probably wouldn't work" and that they couldn't cut the gutter at the store for me because they didn't have the right tools.  Was I not at Home Depot?  And if they couldn't cut it, how in the hell was I going to fit a 10 ft. gutter in my Edge?  I shooshed him away, and continued standing there.  For a long time.  Until Cutie #2 showed up. 

 Once again I began explaining my plan, this time probably more slowly and with a hint of frustration as #1 had let me down.  Cutie #2 immediately grabbed that gutter and told me to follow him.  He asked a few people about cutting it, they didn't speak our language, so we moved on.  Finally home(depot)boy went and got a hacksaw and we (meaning he) went outside and got to work!  He measured it into thirds and got busy cutting.  I was so excited I wanted to tip him or give him a hug or something.  He refused the tip, and because the hug seemed inappropriate, I shook his hand and thanked him profusely for helping me.

Come to find out, getting the damn gutter and having it cut ended up being the EASY part.  I went to Walmart and got some blue PLASTIC spray paint next.  Took it home and (not gonna lie, it was probably a week later) got ready to paint.  The thing about spray painting is, you obviously have to do it outside, and outside sucks.  I mean I love the outdoors, but it's pretty f-ing hard to paint something and hope for the best when the wind is blowing, grass is flying, and suicidal bugs keep wanting to fly/crawl into the pretty blue, and stay there.  I wanted it to be "perfect", and that didn't happen.  They finally dried, I got the dead bugs off, did some touch up painting, and it was time to get them to school and hang them!  Or so I thought.  Again, it was probably a good week, possibly two, before I got them to school and convinced my guy (with a 6 pack of Miller) to come help me hang them.  We finally made it, got the drill, concrete screws, gutters, and got those bad boys hung.

And they looked AMAZEBALLS!

I got on Pinterest to look at the original guttershelf pics I had seen (just to see how much better mine were than theirs), and realized I had forgotten to get the end caps!  Add on another week or two, finally found the end caps at HD, got them painted, and now, they are FINALLY 100% complete!  It is now the third week of school, but whatever, they have been up and worked wonderfully even without the end caps.  They definitely help though, and look much better.
See for yourself!


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