Wednesday, October 24, 2012

From Mama With Love

Happy Birthday Kason & Kutter!

My dearest Kutter,
Happy Birthday!  Today, you are turning 6 years old.  I can't believe it has been 6 whole years since I first laid eyes on you and fell in love.  It seems like just yesterday I was laying in the operating room, waiting ever so patiently for  the doctors and nurses to lift you up so I could meet you in person for the first time.  Of course, we already "knew" each other very well.  You had been inside of my tummy for 36 precious weeks.  I knew your every movement.  Every kick, every hiccup, every flip (and sometimes the gymnastics it felt like you were doing on mommy's bladder).  I knew your heart as I had seen it on the screen so many times.  And you knew me.  My heartbeat.  My voice.  My laugh.  My warmth.  And hopefully, my love.  As close as we already were, nothing could compare with the bond that we immediately shared the moment I saw you and held you in my arms for the very first time.  I knew that your brother would be joining us soon, but for a brief moment, it was just us.  You were my only child for that minute.  My very first baby.  You and I have always had a special bond.  You have always been the "Mama's Boy" (and not in the mean way sometimes people tease others about).  You are kind and compassionate and so empathetic that it is sometimes hard for me to watch as you feel so wholeheartedly for others.  You are a worrier and a nurturer, just like me.  You would do anything, give up anything, be anything for your brother.  I know he is too young to realize how lucky he is to have you.  But one day, he will understand.  He will look back and see the undying love you have for him and he will appreciate all of the ways that you cared for him and loved him all of these years.  You are funny and quirky.  You make me laugh all of the time, and for that, I am grateful.  I love your spirit, and so many others do too.  You are loved and blessed beyond belief.  I hope that the past 6 years have been as wonderful for you as they have been for me.  You are my baby, forever and always.
I love you sweet boy.

Meeting you for the very first time.
Always making mama laugh :)


My little cutie pie!

No words necessary.

My dear sweet Kason,
Happy Birthday love!  You are 6 years old today, my how time flies!  When you were born, I remember holding you in my arms and looking at you through tear filled eyes, thinking how perfect you were.  The silly nurses had written "B" on your cap, for Baby "B" (as your brother was obviously Baby "A").  Everyone kept asking me what your names would be, who would be who.  I wasn't worried about that at the time, I just wanted to hold you.  But as I held you, as I stroked your cheek and tuned out the hustle and bustle around us, I knew.  I knew you were my Kason.  I hadn't even had a chance to hold your brother for that long, but I knew.  A strong name for a strong baby boy.  You were smaller than your brother, but I knew you were full of strength and that you would be a force to reckon with as you got older.  And boy was I ever right about that!  You are strong.  You are solid.  You are fierce.  You are stubborn as hell!  You are loving and caring.  You are my rock.  We have been through a lot over the past 6 years, and you have been resilient through it all.  You are brave and mighty and wise beyond your years.  Though you are often serious, you have a silly side too.  Your facial expressions can change my mood in a split second.  You know I can't resist your charm, and you use it on me daily!  I love you for that.  You remind me that even though you act like you're grown, you are just a little boy.  My little boy.  And you are your brother's protector.  You may act tough, but I see how you look out for him.  I see you watching him out of the corner of your eye.  I see you running to his side the second you think he needs help.  You are always there for him, and as he gets older, he will appreciate that more and more.  You may be a minute younger and a little smaller in size, but you are definitely the "big brother".  He loves you with his whole heart.  And so do I.  I love you so much that it makes my heart ache.  I am astounded by you, as are the many friends and family that love you so dearly.  I have loved every minute of the past 6 years of being your mama.  Thank you for loving me back.  As our favorite book says, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."
I love you baby boy.

I know exactly who you are, my Kason Britt.
This used to be your favorite picture taking face!

You and your silly faces!

See what I mean?  I can't resist that!

And now a *few* of my favorites of you two from over the years...























Love you both to the moon and back.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Here's the Skinny

Hey gals (or guys if there are any of you out there reading this...)!  I've been slacking this week, sorry 'bout that.  In my defense, I have been dealing with sicknesses with myself, the chillrens, and the big guy (kinda like my third child when he's sick).  Work has been cuh-razy.  Folks have been gone left and right leaving NO subs for the sick and weary like myself.  I've been sucking it up, but it has definitely SUCKED.  Oh and aside from that, I have been working on a couple of other posts for next week, they just aren't ready yet!  One is for you creative folks with kids, and one's gonna be a tearjerker!

Anywho, this weekend C and I are going on a kind of "spur of the moment" trip.  This afternoon we are headed to the Summit to our cabin in Canyon Lake.  We will probably stop in Gruene and eat at our favorite restaurant The Gristmill.  And maybe have a little wine at The Grapevine.  Their "Gruene Market Days" are going on this weekend, so we may do a little shopping too.  Tomorrow, I will be watching Texas A&M BTHO LSU for the majority of the afternoon.  And then we will be heading to Austin to watch Texas vs. Baylor.  I know I know, I'm such a traitor.  He loves me despite my flaws, I can love him despite his!  I love football, so I really don't care who is playing, I'm just excited we will be there! 

Yesterday after an awful day at work (no fault to the kids, just me being sick and the Wicked Witch that was next door to me--whole other post) I headed to town (I sound so country when I say that) for a little retail therapy.  I am always pinning cute outfits on Pinterest, but none of them exist in my closet.  I had an "idea" for an outft, but my "ideas" usually don't pan out, so I didn't get my hopes up.  I'm all about a bargain, so I went to Ross first.  I wasn't really looking forward to trying anything on as that usually ends with me on the verge of tears and leaving empty handed.  But yesterday was different.  For the first time in FOREVER I had to go back out and get a SMALLER SIZE!  HOLLA!!  Now it wasn't an ideal size, but it was still smaller than the previous sizes I've been buying.  And I actually felt GOOD in what I had on.  I didn't cringe when I looked in the mirror.  I may have actually smiled.  Now that's what I call progress.

I am only 9 lbs. down (hopefully I'll get my new measurements done next week so I can total the inches as well), but I can see/feel a difference, as tiny as it may be.  I have a long way to go, but to finally be on my way, seeing results, and feeling good, ooooh it's such a good feeling.  And it is the best motivation to keep on keepin' on (don't judge me, Joe Dirt is awesome).  Ok back to the clothes...I have always had mixed thoughts about skinny jeans.  Well not the jeans themselves, but the people who choose to wear them.  I've never thought that "larger" girls should wear skinny jeans, but that was only because those "larger" girls I saw were always wearing them inappropriately.  Like with muffin top hanging out, flip flops and tank tops.  Lately though I have been seing girls who aren't pixy thin wearing skinny jean in a classy way.  And I started thinking that *maybe* at some point I could pull them off.  So in the dressing room at Ross, I tried on my very first pair of skinny jeans.  And guess what?  I loved them!  I found a cute/classy shirt to wear with them to the football game, and I am excited to wear my new outfit tomorrow night!  That's right, I said I am EXCITED to wear something in PUBLIC!  Madness I know.  It has been a very long time since I have had an outfit in mind that I wanted, was able to find it, fit into it, and purchase it.  I may be one of those "larger" girls that some of you see and think, "She REALLY shouldn't be wearing that!"  But, I dgaf!  Oh and even though my thoughts about skinny jeans on certain women has changed, I still firmly believe that men should NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER wear them.  Period.  Ever. 

The last part of my ensembe that I have been dying to have is a pair of hooker boots.  No not thigh high boots with heels, I'm not going all Pretty Woman on yall.  Just the cute "equestrian" boots that all the trendy girls are wearing with leggings and skinny jeans these days.  Yet another purchase I swore I wouldn't make.  I didn't have a lot of time and I had put myself on a budget, so the only place I had looked were at Ross, Target and Shoe Carnival.  I came up empty handed after all three places.  Then as I was heading out of College Station, I decided to stop by Charming Charlie's to look for a bracelet.  I already had a necklace and rings in mind for my outfit, but no bracelet.  I went in, found what I wanted, and just as I was about to check out...I spotted them.  The cutest damn equestrian hooker boots I had ever seen.  I got out of line, went over, tried a pair on, and knew I had to have them.  They were a little more than I had expected, and I wasn't even sure how they would look with my skinny jeans, so I stood there and did my mental pros and cons list.  I finally talked myself out of buying them, after sending C a pic and everything.  I went and bought my bracelet and ran like hell to my car.  Of course as I was backing out C texts me and says to get back in there and buy the boots!  I seriously thought he was stalking me at that point (he says it's not stalking if you love the person bahaha).  He wasn't stalking me, don't worry.  He just knows me well enough that he knew I had talked myself out of getting them and he told me I deserved to indulge a little in ME.  So, put the Edge back in park and went back in.  Luckily they were so busy they didn't notice I had come back in to make another purchase only 5 minutes after leaving.  I bought them and once again ran like hell before I changed my mind, AGAIN.

Well worth the back and forth battle I did with myself :)

I got home, tried everything on together, and for once I am pleased that everything went together just as I had planned.  I have a feeling I may get a little anxiety when it comes time to get dressed and actually wear it all out in public but I'm still excited and we'll cross that bridge when we get there!  Below is a sneak peek at the skinnies (yes I was impatient and had to wear them today).  And also a peek at my failed attempt at the "french braided bangs".  Screw you lady who's hair looked all cute in the pinterest picture.  I'll take my lopsided braid over yours any day!  Just kidding, mine sucks.  I need to win the lottery so I can just pay someone to do my hair everyday.

I'm nervous just posting this pic!

No, I did not let K&K do my hair this morning.  I am 27 and
still can't do anything to my hair besides straighten it or
 put it in a ponytail.  Bite me.

Over and out hoochies.