Thursday, December 27, 2012

Choose Success

Hey there lovelies!  Did you miss me?  The obvious answer is yes, so no need to think about it.  I had a Christmas hangover for a couple of days, but I think I'm finally over it.  I hope you all had a fantastical Christmas with your loved ones and got everything your naughty little hearts desired.  I was certain I would be on the naughty list this year, but either Santa didn't get the memo or he's so smitten with me he didn't care.  Either way, I got some awesome stuff so thanks for that big guy!  The boys got everything they wanted, and then some, and I KNOW they weren't that good this year!  But everyone was all smiles, so hoorah for that.  If you follow me on Instagram or FB, you saw the pictures.  If not, your loss!  I'm too lazy to download them at the moment, sorray!
Anywho, as was expected I fell off of the workout/healthy eating wagon the past week or so.  I didn't eat everything in sight like I expected, but I also didn't make the best choices.  Shit happens.  I'm not going to let those few bad choices ruin the weeks and weeks of good choices I had been making though (can I get a hell yeah for that?!?)!  Last night I was looking at Pinterest and stalking some folks on Instagram (don't act like you don't do it) and came across this quote (more than once) from the foul mouthed, hot bodied Jillian Michaels:
I felt like seeing it multiple times had to be a sign.  In an instant, I felt a tiny fire get lit under my chubby ass and decided that tomorrow (which was today) I was going to get in the gym and start the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred I had bought a week and a half ago and had yet to use.  We all make New Year's Resolutions, and if you're like me, you break them within hours of the New Year.  So I decided this year I'm not making any resolutions.  I have goals I want to reach, but instead of waiting until January 1, 2013 to start reaching for those goals, I started today.  I CHOSE to get up, get dressed, and make myself a little pre-workout drink.

I have no clue what that brand is or what's in it, it's Christopher's and he said it was good and would help, and I'm not one to argue bahahahaha.  It actually is very tasty and while I felt the difference, it didn't make me jittery or tingly not the good kind of tingles like other pre-workout mixes I've had in the past did.  So yeah I chugged that bad boy down and then I CHOSE to go to the gym (which is Christopher's homemade gym right next door).  When I got out there, he already had the DVD in and on the right workout, and all I had to do was push play.  Not only did he have it set up for me, but I also found these two little notes that made my morning and gave me the last little push I needed to get started!


Isn't he the greatest?  Yes, he is.  I am proud to say that I CHOSE not to quit and survived day numero uno of that crazy bitch Jillian's shred.  It wasn't easy, but I didn't want to die during or afterwards either, and that's always a plus in my book.  I was expecting her to yell at me a lot more, but she took it pretty easy on me.  At least for today!  I did my measurements today so I can track my progress.  I was actually down a total of 7.5 inches (all over) from the last time I measured (which was probably almost 2 months ago).  That's not *great* but considering the obstacles I encountered, I ain't mad at it.  I expect much greater results in a month though! 
Today was the beginning of our love/hate relationship.

After I got all nassy and sweaty, I went to town holla at my hicks to do a little shopping.  I had some gift cards that were burning holes in my wallet so obviously I needed to hit up the after Christmas sales.  I found a few good deals, but NONE of them compared to these babies right here:

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for some aqua/lime green shoes and I almost peed myself when I saw these!  They had a tag on them that said they were on sale for $49.99 and I HAD to have them.  Then as I was trying them on, and the size 7 I would usually wear was ginormous, I found out they were KID'S shoes!  I ended up with a size 5.  And THEN as I was checking out with the shoes and new laces, I found out they were 30% off!  So I got shoes and laces for $41.  I will holla fo saving a dolla(s) any day!  I'm not gonna lie, I do have them on right now and I am probably gonna go workout again just so I can try them out.  I really don't even care if they are super comfortable because they are cute.  And that is very important :)  Oh and I also went through McDonald's today and CHOSE to get a grilled chicken wrap and a diet coke instead of the crap I would usually get.  Damn you Jillian (jk)!  I saved calories and money.  I feel some divine intervention going on.
So to sum up today, it rocked.  I feel good and am looking forward to what the rest of 2012 has in store, as well as all of the amazing things that I know are gonna go down in 2013.  I also signed up for the Armadillo Dash that is in March!  This is the 5K that I did a couple of years ago when I was around 135 pounds.  I am hoping to be around that size by then, and I am definitely going to beat my time of 37 minutes that went down at the 5K I did in November.  I'm excited to have a new race to work towards and am hoping it will be a continued motivation for the next few months.  There are so many choices that I have to make daily in order to get to where I want to be.  And I am choosing SUCCESS over FAILURE.  What will you choose?
Ok, time to go try out these new shoes!  Holla!




  1. Are you from the BCS area? I live in College Station an I'm running the Armadillo Dash too!!

    1. Yes ma'am, I live in Somerville! That's awesome that you're signed up as well! I really liked the "course" last time I did it. I'm excited for it (well for right now anyway lol)!

  2. apparently I wasn't following you on GFC, I was only following you on Bloglovin so holla for another official follower! yay!

    Great job on JM! Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Ok, so I already love you! An Aggie & a girl trying to accomplish goals in 2013. You's speakin' my language girl!! Let's own this!! PS you got some awesome followers!! I love Mama && Holly!! And Nancy && Kellan!! OH MY!!!

    1. Thanks girl! I am always excited to have new ladies to help me with this weight loss and vice versa! Can't wait to head over to your blog!