Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So What Wednesday

I've been seeing this "So What Wednesday" on some other fabulous ladies' blogs (Mrs. K Scott and Lindsey), so I figured I'd try it out!  Seems like a good way to compile a bunch of random thoughts and clear my mind for newer, more senseless, redonk thoughts!  I have no idea where this is going, so prepare yourself to be bored...or annoyed...or amused...or none of the above.


*If I bailed mid-workout on Monday to go to the country with Christopher and ride around in the golf cart looking at cows and drinking (ah) beer.

*If last night when we went to run some errands and go eat it was a total disaster.

*If part of said total disaster was that we tried a new mexican restaurant and EVERYTHING we ordered came out wrong.  And I got very uncomfortable because I hate confrontation.

*If I let my kids have cereal for dinner after I went out to eat (not my fault my mama didn't feed them).  Not the first time, won't be the last.

*If I had to write a pink slip TWO DAYS IN A ROW for one of my cutest students and now he can't go on our field trip tomorrow. 

*If I felt so guilty for (finally) being tough on above cutie that I ALMOST changed my mind about letting him go.  I said ALMOST. 

*If the other night I let Christopher trick the boys into the ol' "How do you spell 'i cup' " and we laughed endlessly at them because a) it took them FOR-EV-ERRRRRRR to sound it out, spell it, and then to figure it out (they are only in kindergarten) and b) because after they figured it out they did that awesome deep belly laugh that every mama loves to hear her children do! 

*If the new pair of jeans I bought in October as I began to size DOWN, are now too baggy and also have a rip in the crotchal region apparently because I wear them too damn often.

*If I really really like the show "Ben & Kate" after I talked shiznit about it after the first couple episodes.  I gave it a chance and it grew on me!

*If I secretly wish to be Zooey Deschanel as Jess on "New Girl".  She called her period the "Red Devil in her belly" one time.  She's awesome and I love her.

*If I'm PMSing and I can't decide if I want to scream at someone or just curl up and cry.  And I really want some effing chocoate.

*And so the eff what if above emotional mumbo jumbo NEVER used to happen to me, making me feel like I'm getting old.  Bleh.

So there is my pointless "So What" post!  I'm sure you aren't amused, but I do feel a little better...

Anyone else having any "So What" feelings? 

Didn't believe me about the cows, golf cart and beer?  Bam.

ICUP!  Gets them everytime (now that they get it).


  1. HAHA! I love the pic of beer and cows! Sounds like a fun time :) And I loved your so what wednesday! :) Have a great hump day

  2. Haha.... This was so awesome!!! ICUP - classic!