Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red Red Wine...

Goes to my head...makes me forget...have fun singing that all day long!  You're welcome.

It's Monday again no it's not it's Tuesday but I forgot to post this yesterday.  How the hell did that happen so quickly?  I swear I was just packing up my shit, locking my classroom sure hope all the kids were out, leaving this place and gearing up for a super fun kid-free weekend!  It was a great weekend, just went by way too fast.  That could be partially blamed on the fact that I spent 3/4 of Saturday in bed being lazy.  That NEVER happens, so I'm ok with admitting that.  I will also admit that I drank a whopping amount of dark red liquid Friday night and that may or may not have had something to do with why I was tired and felt like doing nothing.  And said red stuff may or may not have been responsible for this... (Spoiler alert: if you follow me on instagram @katsweb09 you have already seen these!  If you don't follow me, well shame on you.  Now go do it!)

Yeah Santa ended up in the living room.  I think he was a nice addition.
Sadly he was put in his proper place on Sunday.  Womp womp.

When I finally did decide to get out of bed, Christopher and I went to the lake for a little bit and then headed to town (I know saying that makes me sound so country--but I call any place that is not Somerville "town") to get Christmas lights.  Umm holy cockballs people.  Christmas lights are not cheap.  Our house is pretty big, but due to my lack of "measuring sense" and reality in general, I didn't think it would take "that" many lights or that they would cost "that" much.  About $350 later I concluded "that" was all a crock o' shit and I was ready to puke. I have a hard time spending a lot of money (yes I'm a woman and I just said that).  Even though Christopher was trying his best to convince me it was a good "investment", I still didn't like it and was still trying to convince him to put everything back as the cashier was checking us out. 

Such a beautiful night at the lake.

Sunday we Christopher started putting the expensive little bulbs out.  I should mention that it was close to 90 degrees, sun out in full force.  In December.  Welcome to Texas.  If it had been July, it would have been considered a gorgeous day.  But it's not July.  And it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you're sweating balls or have sweaty balls.  Luckily I've got the most amazing man and he never once complained about being up on the roof or about the hard work he put into making our home look so pretty.  He knows about my weird efl-like love for Christmas and lights, he knew it would make me happy, and he couldn't have been more right.  We spent most of Sunday evening after I picked the boys up from their Dad outside in the street being mesmerized by the lights.  I'm pretty sure my love for all things Christmas has rubbed off on Christopher as he was just as in awe as the kids and I were! 

I admit the lights look spectacular, and although I still cringe at how much they cost, I do believe it was worth it.  I also plan to leave those lights up for a long long time.  Maybe even year round.  Don't be surprised if you drive by our house next summer and they are still up.  You've been warned.

Hard at work...with a Heineken!  Btw yes he's wearing an Alabama hat.  And is a Longhorn fan.  And is in love with an Aggie.  Ironic, no?   I think it's just to spite me.  Oh wait, my team is the ONLY team that beat Alabama this year!  He does look good in it though ;)

 Dear Texas, it is December.  NOT July.  Calm the eff down with the heat and send us some Christmas weather damnit!  Please and Thank You.

We finally got Santa in his place, and this is what I find Goober #1 doing.  Yup, he's mine.

And Goober #2 was all up in there like I didn't spend an hour wrapping those lights!  Just a little FYI info for yall, that is an old ass windmill that Christopher found in the country at his family's land.  He saw it and said, "We could wrap lights around that and make it a tree for Christmas!!"  I was so proud :)

This is what it looks like in the dark.  Love. It.

Our home!

Happy Merry Christmas Holidays!


  1. your house looks great! but holy hell! I would have had an attack if I spent that much money on christmas decorations.....ur man was smart with the windmill christmas tree though!
    oh annnnnd I say "going into town" too. It's just a country girl thing.
    Love, your future BFF. :)

  2. So glad I'm not the only one! It makes sense to me when I say it, but most people are like..."WTF is 'town'??" Yessssss I've been in search for a new country girl BFF!