Monday, December 3, 2012

Extreme Blog Makeover

I'm getting bored and want a new blog design.  One that I don't have to copy and paste and check a thousand times to see if it's working and displaying my blogger awesomeness the way I want.  I have been quietly following stalking Holly's blog for a while, and absolutely love her and her super cute little family!  Her hubby has recently joined the blogging world here and also does blog designs.  After having done some research, ok I googled a few things and didn't like what I found, it seems that HubbyJack's blog design price(s) are very reasonable.  Unfortunately I am very new to this blogging thing.  Like new as in I still have the umbilical cord attached.  I am not tech savvy in any way what-so-ever.  Me so mart I can type up these fancy posts and get them onto the blog.  I can even occasionally get my pictures on here the way I want.  But...that's about it.  So, the following questions are for all of you blog experts out there!  Making my blog look more "official" rather than something K&K put together is something I really really want...but I want to make sure I have all of the right information before I take that step (oh and Christopher is an IT man and didn't think I had enough information when I was telling him how I wanted to throw money at Holly's hubby) so help a sista out!  I'm also not *limiting* myself to Hubby Jack's blog designs, but he seems the most reasonable so far and I have seen lots of his work and love it all!

1. Once the new blog makeover is done, will I still be able to post the same way that I currently do?
2. If I want to "add a button" or change a "tab" (just kidding, kinda, I can't even do that now) will I have to have the blog designer do that for me?
3. If I want to change out my hot "profile pic" is that something I can do myself?
4. Basically I want to know if once I hand over the reins to  this bad boy to someone else, am I going to have to constantly rely on him/her to make changes, or will I still have control over the "simple day to day" stuff? 
5. If you have had your blog redone by anyone besides yourself, please let me know how it has worked out for you.  Was the price right?  Did it turn out how you expected (or exceed expectations)?
6. I am clearly just getting started, so my number of followers is pretty much non-existent and I'm not even thinking about sponsors at this point...but if my numbers do grow, and I do one day in the next ten years have anything to do with sponsors...will that change the layout of my blog and will I need the assistance of an expert to set that all up?  I see all of yall's fancy sponsors and highlights in your sidebars but have no idea if you do that yourself!  Please don't judge me.  Help me :)
7. Does anyone else remember all of the questions I was going to ask?  No?  No one?  Damn.
8. If you have any tips/advice/hints/etc, please please please share them with me!  Unless you're going to tell me I should give up on my dream of having a successful blog, then I will just cyber punch you and ignore what you say! 


  1. I had Chris do my blog and he does everything and once he is done you have control back to do whatever you want - he will change your picture out if you want for free - PLUS... You can then add your own buttons, gadgets, etc... and it is back to "normal". For real - do it - you will be so happy. I sooooooooooooooooo was and still am. I need to update my profile pic - BUT I haven't come across any I really like yet. Oh and yes you can still post the same way.

  2. I'm not really one to ask since my BFF did my background and helps me with all things HTML...but I can tell that he knows his stuff so he can prob help a lot! I would for sure go for it...once you start to learn to do stuff on your own, you will get more and more able to do stuff. most of the stuff isn't that hard once you get use to it.

  3. Chris did mine too and I love, love, love it. The process was very easy and painless. I am techy retarded. You still have control over day to day stuff and can post like normal. He just did mine, so I haven't had the urge to change anything yet, so I'm no help there. But Chris is super talented and very easy to work with. He will keep tweaking the design and working with you until you're completely satisfied.

  4. Thanks gals! I appreciate the feedback :)