Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mama's Gettin' Her Hair Did

Happy Thursday hookers!  I was absolutely about to write a post full of bitching and moaning since I was up most of the night due to grizzly bear snoring and then a puking child.  BUT, I decided nobody wants to hear me complain some more and I was going to be positive!  I looked at some funny shit on pinterest that made me laugh, and now I'm on the happy train for now.  I also had a de-waitforit-licious sanwich (yeah that's sandwich without the d because that's how I pronounce it for some reason) from Subway that made my belly happy.  And tomorrow is Friday, so holla for that!

This afternoon I am going to finally get my hurr did!  I LOVE my hair lady and am always excited to see what she will do to my locks.  For the past year or so, I've been getting BRIGHT RED in my hair.  And when I say bright, I mean BRIGHT.  That shit shines like Ronald McDonald's hair in the sunlight.  I don't do it all over though, so don't be scurred for me.  I usually don't go too crazy until closer to May, when I won't be at work much longer and have the summer to do whatever the eff I want with my hair.  Not only does it always look amazing and get me lots of compliments, it also drives my mom and meemaw crazy, and well, even though I'm almost 28, I still like to make them shake their heads every now and then!

Last year in the Spring, I was fatter and tired of my long hair and I decided (even though I knew better) to chop it all off.  Note to self, short hair is NOT cute on this fatter face.  So the very few pics I took last summer I hate, not just becaues of my weight, but because my hair was short and did nothing but frame my puffy cheeks and double chin.  That WILL NOT be happening again this summer.

I'm trying to grow this mess out and while I keep seeing super cute styles like this:

hair: length, style, side swept bangs

I'm pretty sure I'm just going to get a "trim" today.  Although it has been since October that I had it cut/colored, so a "trim" may very well be like an inch off!  Either way, I can't wait.  I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to have her color it...I'll probably just tell her to do whatever she wants, as usual.  She likes that I trust her and tend to be on the crazy side, so we're a match made in heaven.  No doubt I will have some ridiculous pics on instagram later today as I sit with my head full of foil lookin' like I'm trying to catch a signal for something.  I know you can't wait to see that!

And now I shall leave you with some pictures of random color phases I've gone through with my hair...and I'm even postig a couple of those short hair fat girl pics from last summer.  Mostly as a reminder as to why I am working hard to get rid of those chubby cheeks and not have squinty eyes anymore!  I'm having a mini panic attack just looking at those fat pictures and now I'm about to share them...shoot me now.  Enjoy (but not too much)!

Fall ' what else.

Summer ' and blonde.

Summer ' and bonde and maybe some red.

Summer '12...fat and black and red.

Summer '12...fat and black and red.

And eventually I will have a Summer '13 that just says HOT and you won't even notice my hair :)


  1. Uh I LOVE that hair style I have the same one (reese) except with a shorter bang. Cant wait to see what you decide :-)

  2. It sounds like you have a great hair lady. I want to cut my hair off, but then I will just want it long again.

  3. Here's is too a super hot 2013 summer!!!

  4. Love Carrie's hair in that pic. I think it would look great on you!