Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh Snap Recap

Oh snap! I got caught up in the craziness that was Thanksgiving and completely neglected the blog.  Here's a recap of last week:

Tuesday: We had our annual "Pre-K Feast"!  We usually have the feast at the school, in our classrooms.  This year though, both Pre-K classes are larger than before and we have seen tremendous parent/family involvement, so we decided to have the feast at the "Yegua Center" just down the road.  My teaching partner Kaylee and I got everything set up, I cooked two turkeys (yes that's right, ME), and we had assigned a side dish/dessert/etc to each of our students to bring.  I am always nervous about these things because you never know if people are going to bail on you and not bring something or bring something crazy (like being assigned to bring corn and sending the kid with an actual can of corn, no dish, no utsensil, just a can...).  Luckily though (almost) everyone brought what they were supposed to and everything turned out fantastic!  We had around 65+ family members show up, and that doesn't include the 32 students we have, ourselves, or our aide.  We were overwhelmed by the turnout and are so thankful for our students and their families!

Poor turkeys.

Christopher was basting all night long.

Look at all those people!

That's what was left of my scrumptious birds!

The kids were passed out after all of the fun!

Thursday: We had Thanksgiving at Christopher's Granny's house and it was de-waitforit-licious!  I love her mashed potatoes and gravy.  Like seriously I would drink the gravy straight from the container if it were socially acceptable.  And shovel in some potatoes between gulps.  I didn't do that though, sorry to disappoint!  I was actually very good!  After lunch we went back home and after a few rounds of fighting and tears between the kids, Christopher came up with a bracket for us to have a "Wii Turkey Bowl".  Guess who the champion was....

Winner winner chicken dinner!

That's right, this girl!  I have no shame in beating a bunch of little kids and a dude who's a foot taller than me (although that has nothing to do with Wii Bowling...)!

I also decided randomly that I was going to partake in a little Black Friday shopping (it was Thursday but idk wtf that is called...).  The boys want/need new bigger bikes and they had some at Wally World for $39.  I convinced Christopher's sister to join me and we made our way to WW at 7:30 p.m.  It was shockingly calm when we arrived.  I didn't even know what to do.  I was a little nervous that it was so quiet, thinking it was like the calm before the storm.  I was somewhat right.  We found the bikes I wanted, camped out next to them, made friends with the ladies around us who also wanted bikes, and when the time came, worked as a team passing bikes to our new "friends".  It worked out quite nicely.  I had in my basket what I was there for by 8:01 p.m.  Of course we got stuck in the current of crazies trying to get to a few other things, but overall it wasn't a bad experience.  I'll probably never do it again, at least not at any of the midnight or 5 a.m. sales.  But I'm glad I got the bikes and a few other goodies!  And glad Jennifer and I didn't have to use that taser gun we took with us just kidding kinda

Well I almost did because some crazy little old man decided he was done shopping and wanted to turn himself and his cart around, in the middle of an aisle full of people wanting towels, and dude just backed all up into my junk, stepped on my toes, and rammed people til he got where he wanted.  "I will hit an old man in public!!"  And we can't forget that when Jennifer and I were in the car about to leave, I looked back and saw that a young girl (that we had just talked about for smoking and blowing smoke right into her baby carrier) had turned around while talking on her cellphone and didn't notice that her basket (along with her baby) was rolling down the parking lot!  Jennifer was about to get out and yell at her but she thankfully turned back and noticed what was going down.  That is why people should not be allowed to have children unless they pass multiples tests.  I don't have a lot of room to judge folks on their behavior, but I really felt like some of those people needed to go home and reevaluate their lives after the way they acted while shopping.  Just sayin'.  I'll reevaluate mine too just to be nice.

Friday: Did some more shopping.  Went to dinner with my love (where he convinced our waiter to look away as I snatched the cute drink mixer our margaritas had been in).  And went home to drink some Pumpkin Beer (so very good) and watch, well, "The Watch".  It was pretty dumb, but there was a hilarious part in there that still makes me laugh just thinking about it.  If youtube wasn't blocked at work I'd share the video!  Maybe later when I get home... "Look at him, and understand me!"

You must try.  Don't be skeered.
Saturday: Lazy. All. Day. Long.  I woke up, watched two Hallmark movies, and then began the football watching.  My Aggies of course did their thang and BTHO Mizzou.  I made some pretty awesome mushrooms.  Annnnd....that was about it.  I will post my mushroom recipe sometime this week!  Along with my Pumpkin Pie Mini Cheesecake recipe!

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving as well!  Cheers to an upcoming crazy December and lots of Christmas fun!

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