Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So What Wednesday

So it's Wednesday, my favorite day to post because I get to spew random nonsense and pretend it's important wait that's all of my posts.  Hope everyone's having a spanktacular week thus far.  Hump it up!

So what...

If after spending TWO HOURS at the doctor's office to get TWO SHOTS for the boys, I was aggravated, cold, tired, and I went home and did NOTHING yesterday.  Today's a new day... 

If after eating great and being way under my calorie goal for several days, I ate mexican food for dinner.  I didn't eat it ALL, but I ate it.

If I'm using a safety pin to hold my britches together because I broke the button.  It didn't break because of my gut this time though, it broke because they are the only pair of khaki pants that fit me anymore and I wear them probably three times a week and I just wore that shit out.

If this morning after my lesson over Martin Luther King, Jr. the kids were supposed to draw/color their own "I have a dream" picture, and as I went around the room asking what everyone's dream was, one answer was "to be a grandparent".  Hey it's something...right?

If I need to get my oil changed, badly, but it's cold and I don't wanna deal with it.

If I think it's hilarious that Pinterest has "secret boards" now and they pretend it's so people can pin shit that might be a "surprise" for someone.  Ah-bullshit-choo!  Those bad boys are for you to pin all the awesome stuff you see but don't want to pin because you're a selfish bish and don't want your friends to see it.  Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!

If I'm daydreaming about getting to go back to Christopher's World Grille at the beginning of February to celebrate (my) Christopher's birthday.  And then again in March to celebrate mine! 

If I'm done now.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. pinterest secret boards - who knew? LOL... I agree so what if I am over today and it is only 1:00 pm. HA.