Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Medical Misery

The past week and a half has been tough. Here's what's been going on, in a nutshell: My brother-n-law suffered a seizure, found out he has a brain tumor, and will be undergoing surgery to remove said tumor tomorrow morning. My son had a mishap on the plaground and fractured his collarbone. And I had to go back to work this week after a long, glorious summer and sit through ridiculous inservice while my mind has been anywhere but on what is being spewed at me. I swear today if that woman had said "data" one more time I was going to lose my shit. I'm trying hard not to be grumpy and feel defeated, as I know I need to be strong and on top of my prayer game for my family. Easier said than done. So, now it's time to get off my rear and hit my knees and let someone else carry this load so I can go and be the best sister and mama I can be.


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