Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get the FUNK out

Guess what's coming up in 4 mother-flippin' days? That darn 5K that some crazy person signed me up for! When I find out who he/she is, I'm going to beat their ass. Which of course means I'm gonna have to whoop my own ass. Which just made me think of this hilarious video. You already know I'm ADD so don't act surprised.  Watch it and then read on.

I've been in a funk lately. Not just an eating badly or workout funk like I've spoken of before. Just a funk that embodies everything in my everyday life. I'm usually not one to get upset over things that happen in the work place (and no I don't mean 4 year old drama), but lately it seems like I can't escape the nonsense, and it follows me home. There isn't anything that is going on with me personally, but when shitty things are happening to my friends and co-workers, and I constantly have to hear about it and see the wrong that is being done, it starts to feel personal. It's starting to take it's toll, not just on me, but everyone. I'm ready for it to stop. And that's all I'm going to say about that! The other funkiness I've been experiencing is just being burnt out. The entire month of October seemed to swallow me whole. And now that it's done with me, I feel like it's spit me back up and left me to deal with the rest of 2012 in a big slobbery mess. Ok that sounds gross. But it's a good analogy so bite me. Between everything I had to do for Kutter's Homecoming Duke duties and having K&K's birthday party the same day as the parade, and then Halloween just a few days later...I was spent; physically and emotionally. I'd do it again in a heartbeat FOR MY KIDS, but Lord please don't make me anytime soon.

I did slack off on the working out for about two weeks, and I didn't eat "great". But, I didn't do AWFUL like I could have and I didn't let my slacking keep me from getting back on track as soon as October ended and my obligations lessened. I've lost 2 more lbs, which is exciting. I know it could have been more, but I can't dwell on that. I'm not anywhere near ready for the 5K on Saturday. But I had also decided that my goal for this first 5K was going to be to just FINISH without crawling. I didn't set a time for myself because I knew it wouldn't be realistic at this point in my journey. I do plan on doing another 5K probably in March, and at that point I should be ready to set a goal time. But as for Saturday, I plan to run/jog what I can, enjoy the amazing Christmas lights, and finish with a smile. Did I mention we also have Thanksgiving at my Dad's Saturday before the race? Maybe I should add "not barf" to my goal this go round...

P.S. How great is this weather??  I think I'm ready for some hot apple cider (possibly spiked), my kindle and a bubble bath...tingle.

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