Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What Wednesday

It's Wednesday and you know what that means...

So What...

*If I'm about to make an awesome construction paper chain to countdown to the last day of school. It's 36 days b-t-dub.

*If Sunday I almost lost my shit in a convenience store parking lot because my ex "lost track of time" (aka slept in even though he knew what time we were meeting, hello alarm?), making the boys late for baseball practice. Oh and I had to feed them because at 11:45 they had had NOTHING to eat. And Father Of The Year goes to...

*If I am super sad that one of my most challenging students, who turned into the cutest and sweetest, up and moved, and I didn't get to say good-bye. He had made so much progress academically, had matured tremendously, and had stolen my heart with each, "Me love you Ms. Robot!"

*If the new student I got that started the first week off by screaming, at the top of her lungs, "Haaaaaayyyyyyy hayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!" for hours on end, has now gotten comfortable with me and found her "happy place" is in my lap, or my teacher chair, or wrapped around my legs.

*If there are two dozen baby chicks currently on their way to hatching in my classroom as I type this. That's totally  normal, right?

*If one of my students told me his daddy went to jail because he was smoking "that stuff that smells bad". Clearly he's not the recipient of the Father Of The Year award either.

*If here in the great state of Texas we have started the day at 75 degrees, and by the time I leave work it will be below 50. I have on flip flops, with a hoodie in mah bag. That's how we roll.

*If I am obsessed with the show New Girl, and was super disappointed with last night's episode. They're better than that!

*If my new bra is stabbing me in the side and armpits and everytime I move I fear the wire is going to slice through me. Clearly a man designed bras with wires. Bastards.

*If I'm out of so what's...

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Happy Hump Day Yall!


  1. love it. and no one is too old for a paper chain..

  2. aww baby chicks! this quote is as real as it gets haha happy hump day!

  3. Paper chain it UP!!!!!!!

    Cant wait to see pics of the chicks@!