Friday, April 12, 2013

Here chicky chicky...

Welp, it's that time of day again. The time when I get to put the litte monsters babes down for nap and have some "quiet time". Well, it should be quiet time. But it's not really. I've got kids snoring. Talking in their sleep. Oh and baby chicks chirping (or as one of my kids said, "barking like a chicken" hmm...) so loudly my ears are ringing. Seriously, this shit was cute the first two days, now I'm over it. Whose idea was it to do this anyway? Oh wait, it was mine. I digress.

Our behbehs.

"No pictures please."

This morning I said (without meaning to), "Those chicks need to pipe down!" Now, that may sound bad, but at least I didn't say "Pipe the fuck down" like I was thinking. I know for sure at least one of the kids heard me say it because during centers, when the chicks were challenging the kids to see who could be the loudest, he went over to them and said, "Pipe it down birdie!" Hopefully they won't go home and repeat that to their parents. But hey, like the saying goes, "Don't believe everything your child tells you happens at school, and I won't believe everything he says happens at home." Win win situation if you ask me.

This made my day! I know at least one of them is listening.

Moving I mailed out three sets of goodies to some unsuspecting ladies. If you haven't jumped on the mail wagon with me, you absolutely should. I love getting REAL mail, not bills, or flyers to attend a church revival, or an appointment reminder from the dentist. I enjoy doing "Random Acts Of Kindness". It's good for the soul :) So, e-mail me at thataggiegirl09(at)yahoo(dot)com with your name, mailing address, and birthday if you want to join in on the fun. You never know when someone might just make your day!

Have a fabulous Friday friends!

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