Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day Late and a Blog Post Short

I'm always a day late and a blog post short when it comes to link-ups.  I've been meaning to do my "Top 10 Instagrammers" and today's "Love Story" link-ups, but I just haven't had time.  I'll get to them eventually.  And you will pretend I did them on time because you love me and don't care if I'm late.  You're just happy I blog at all.  Right?  Yup, thought so.

Anyway, today is my FRIDAY so holllllaaaa!  Tomorrow's my "freebie" day off like I told yall about and while I still don't know exactly what I'm going to do, it's no doubt going to be epic.  Just kidding.  I know I'm going to see one of my greatest friends, Brandy (you know, the one who is my ex-husband's cousin? I won her and her sister in the divorce bahahaha).  It's always a good time when her and her sister Natalie are involved, so I'm not worried!  I'm sure I'll be blowing up IG with whatever shenanigans we find ourselves getting into.

Today I'm leaving work early because K&K have a dentist appt.  Yeah you were about to be mad at me for leaving early and being off tomorrow...until you saw that d word.  I think I hate taking them to the dentist more than they hate going.  I just never know how it's going to go.  Last time, was not great.  You can read about it here.  Hopefully today is better.  They also have their first baseball practice tonight.  Umm it's cold yall.  Like currently 50 degrees with raging winds and by practice it's going to be in the 40's.  I know those of you who have been sitting home because of snow storms want to bitchslap me right now.  But, I'm in Texas, and we're used to heat and humidity and sunshine, and this cold WINDY crap is not ok.  Where is that 80 degree weather we had in December?  I want that back.

Sunday is my 5k, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  No for real.  This has not been a good "workout" week.  I've only hit the gym twice.  I won't make it today.  Hoping I will make myself do work in the a.m. before I head out for the day.  I just don't wanna die Sunday morning.  It's only 3.2 miles you say.  Well, I haven't done 3.2 straight miles since the last 5k I did, in November, so don't say that!  Oh well.  I knew what this was.  I'll suck it up and do my thang and then go back to bed.  Or go to McDonald's.  Either way.

Happy FRIDAY hooches!

This gets me everytime.


  1. I'm with you on this shitty ass weather! It's 40 here and they're salting the damn roads. Snow tomorrow! Wtf?!? By March, I should be in flip flops not boots!