Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So What Wednesday...

So what...

*If today is the last day of my 10 Day Advocare Cleanse, and I feel like at 12:01 a.m. I'm going to go devour everything in my refrigerator. Just because I can.  I kid, I kid. Sorta.

*If this is a 4 1/2 day week for me and I'm still bitching because it's only Wednesday. I'm ready for May people. Let's get this summer started.

*If last night I wanted to sucker punch some little kids while I was in the dugout at K&K's baseball game. I work with kids all day long, I don't have time to go be "Team Mom" to a bunch of boys who have zero home training. Talk back to me again child and you will feel my wrath!

*If the black and white chevron dress I ordered to (hopefully) wear this weekend came in, and it's not the material I thought it was, and is pretty much see-through on the white parts. Awesome. I'm sure Aaron Watson won't mind, right?

*If I'm not doing anything special for my kids for Easter because a) they will be with their dad this weekend and b) Mama's going out of town for the weekend and I'll be lucky to get us all packed and out the door Friday, much less have Easter crap ready.

*If I still haven't written that guest post that I'm supposed to send out by tomorrow...

*If I have a scab on my forehead because apparently I got a lil crazy with my flat iron and burned  myself...and didn't even realize it.

*If I'm rocking 3 day dirty ponytail hair. I see no point in fixing it in the a.m. when I'm going to eff it up in the afternoons during my workout. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. See: Lazy.


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Happy Hump Day!


  1. I am the same way with Easter this year. the girls will be with their dad so I'm going total slacker.

  2. Yay you for making it through the cleanse! And I totally feel you on the hair getting messed up while working out. I am rocking more and more pony tails these days :/

  3. I loved this! Lucky girl, getting to see Aaron Watson. This girl loves her some Texas Country!!! Have fun!!

  4. This e card was to DIE for LOVED it! haha! and cannot wait to see your results!

  5. LOL I love you!!!

    We have this kid on our tball team with no home training too!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I told him to leave practice and his mom was like we have to leave she said we have to leave and he slammed his helmet back on and said no so the mom went and sat back down!!!) Hes 8 and kept launching his bat around.

  6. Only 3 days of a dirty ponytail? Shoooooot. I've gone much longer. I guess that's what us momma's do! Hope your burn is better by now! Love the blog colors and hope you'll stop by to enter my giveaway for Stella and Dot! Plus, I'm kinda just hoping you'll follow so that you can give me boy advice when needed as my Drew is 2!